Falling for Hamlet

Meet Ophelia, high school senior, daughter of the Danish king’s most trusted adviser, and longtime girlfriend of Prince Hamlet. She lives a glamorous life, has a royal social circle, and her beautiful face is splashed across magazines and TV. But it comes with a price -- her life is dominated not only by Hamlet’s fame and his overbearing royal family but also by the paparazzi who hound them wherever they go.

After the sudden and suspicious death of his father, the king, Hamlet spirals dangerously toward madness, and  Ophelia finds herself torn between loyalty to her boyfriend, her father, her country, and her true self.

This is a contemporary retelling of Shakespeare’s Hamlet from Ophelia’s point of view filled with drama, romance, tragedy, and humor. And this time, Ophelia doesn’t die.

Sometimes Love can Make you crazy
First comes love, then comes madness

Falling for Hamlet is incredible.  Michelle Ray has a real gift for the inclusion of those subtle but important details that make a story absolutely real.  I found myself thinking about the characters as if I knew them as real people long after I finished the book.  If you don’t love Falling for Hamlet you’re as crazy as Hamlet himself.  There’s something wonderful in the state of Denmark.”                

                                                Trent Reedy, bestselling author of Words in the Dust


“To read or not to read will never be the question for Falling for Hamlet. Michelle Ray’s clever debut gives readers an Ophelia who is in turns humorous, clever, and full of girl power. I’m simply mad for this book.”

                                                Elizabeth Eulberg, author of Prom and Prejudice 

“Sexy and searing, Falling for Hamlet is much more than a riveting retelling of a Shakespearean classic. Michelle Ray has crafted an artful story of a girl who comes unapologetically and forcefully into her own.”

                                            Justina Chen, author of Girl, Overboard

What Readers on goodreads.com Have to Say:

Falling For Hamlet by Michelle Ray is a marvelous book. She perfectly captures the tragedy of Ophelia, Hamlet and his family. She kept the darkness of the play and the telling Shakespeare language, but she flawlessly brought it into this century. Ray is an excellent writer. Falling For Hamlet is a book I will visit again and again. If you are apprehensive about reading a Shakespeare rewrite don’t fear, this book does not sanitize or try to make the play happy. The depression and madness is kept throughout the book. With one book Ray has my trust and I will be sure to read anything she writes ever again, and I sincerely hope to see more Shakespeare rewrites from her.

                                                                                            - Samantha

Falling for Hamlet rocked my socks off.                           

                                                                                             - Rachael

OH MY GOD! I don't even know where to begin! I want this book out already so I can see what others think of it!!!!!! This is the best book I have read in a long time. I can't wrap my head around this book ‘tis that amazing. 

                                                                                               - Krissy


The English teacher in me loves a book that makes Shakespeare's stories accessible to today's teens!

                                                                                              - Maryanne/MA

I have to admit that I have never read Hamlet before (I know....gasp right?). In high school I had to read King Lear and after that I never wanted to read Shakespeare again! So, it was with great fear and trepidation that I picked this book up! I LOVED it!

                                                                                                    - Jessica

“Everything here is engaging, most of all the relationship between Hamlet and Ophelia.”

                                           The New York Times

“Teens will happily brush up on their Shakespeare in this wickedly smart retelling of the moody Prince of Denmark. “

                                            Family Circle Magazine